AZUL Y PLATA del Colectivo “Moraga”

AZUL Y PLATA del Colectivo “Moraga”. Avda. Libertad (Bda. Blas Infante).

AZUL Y PLATA (Mónica Alonso Ajamil, Conchi Cabeza García y Soraya Cabrera Lara – B2.1)

The mural “Blue and Silver” was made by prisoners from the «Moraga» collective of the Malaga Penitentiary. A team of five prisoners needed three months for the craft work and three extra weeks for its installation. This painting was inaugurated in April 2014 and it is located on Libertad Avenue in Blas Infante neighborhood.

Particularly, this mural is one of the most original creations in the town. It is the first one which includes sculptures.The artist, thinking about the potential climate damages, has used a perfect combination of galvanized steel and painting, keeping the masterpiece in perfect conditions for future generations.

Large pieces of sea life collection (fish, jellyfish and sea urchins) are encrusted on the front face of two buildings.

From our point of view, this mural shows values such as passion, sustainability, adaptability, collaboration, invention and inclusivity. Living in freedom inside and outside the sea. Let’s take care of ourselves and the environment. Our greatest treasure will always be to “LIVE IN FREEDOM”.

“Blue and Silver”


We can find this original mural in Blas Infantes neighborhood on Libertad Avenue in Estepona.

The mural is made up of two parts onwhich we can see sea life such as, fish, jellyfish, sea urchins, starfish and seaweed. They are all galvanized steel sculptures in gray, black, salmón, green and silver colours on a grayish blue blackground.

It’s amazing to see the combination between painting and sculpturing. Moreover, it is very interesting to know that It was made by people who were in prison. They were able to express through this work of art what is the most essential for them, which is life and freedom.