DEPORTE PARA TODOS de Félix García Álvarez.

DEPORTE PARA TODOS de Félix García Álvarez. Centro Deportivo José Ramón de la Morena.

Deporte para todos

Pavlina Blagoeva, Encarnación Sánchez, María Tabares y Vicky Vera. C1.1 A

We will hereby talk about a painting in one of the front facades of the sports centre José Ramón de la Morena, in Estepona.  This fresco, painted by Felix García Álvarez, shows a sequence of people practicing different kinds of sports, all of them related to the ones you can practice in the centre.

As previously said, this mural is a fresco whose technique consists of painting directly on the wall. Not only does the fresco impresses for its vibrant colours, but also for its dimension, as it is 30 meters long and more than 4 meters high. We highly recommended that you all visit our murals and amazing landscapes.

Deporte para todos

Nicole Ribera, Rakel Lozano, Juan Jiménez and Estefanía Pérez – C1.1ª

Visiting Jose Ramón de la Morena Sports Centre, you can find this artistic mural. It was inaugurated in 2019 and it is part of a municipal project that consists of a total of 62 paintings.

In the painting we can observe a sequence of people practicing different sport disciplines, all of them related to the activities that take place in the facilities. It shows 10 athletes running, swimming, lifting weights, stretching and dancing, which highlights the variety of sports that the city offers with the aim of taking care of our health in a funny and enjoyable way.

It is a work of great visual impact due to its remarkable dimensions, more than 30 meters long and 4 meters high.  It shows a nice use of vibrant colours and movement, which the author has been able to capture though the use of curved lines.

If street art is your cup of tea, you should not miss the opportunity to visit us in Estepona.