EL BOSQUE DE LAS MARAVILLAS de Zosen y Mina Hamada. C/Terraza, 152.

EL BOSQUE DE LAS MARAVILLAS (Ángeles Oña González – B2.2A)

The Forest of Wonders is an impressive and imaginative mural which was painted by two very creative artists from Japan and Argentina in 2017. It is located at the crossroads of C/Terraza and Avda. Andalucia, near the police station. The artists combined different elements and shapes on the picture, giving it a special effect and filling the spaces with colour and life. This painting was so successful that it was awarded the first prize in the International Mural Competition.

I strongly recommend that you see this amazing mural before finishing your visit to Estepona, because you could discover a different way of making art. I am sure you will enjoy it a lot and you will not regret it!

EL BOSQUE DE LAS MARAVILLAS (Encarni Sánchez López – B2.2B)

This abstract mural, which represents a wonderful forest, was made by Zosen and Mina Hamada, and it is one of the largest in Estepona. It was painted on the facade of an eight-storey building, and what is most striking about it is its colourful abstract style.

We can see different types of fruit and vegetables on the mural, for instance, a red apple. But, to be honest, we have to use our imagination a lot.

On the whole, this mural is a lot of fun and it is full of life, due to its enormous diversity of colours.

EL BOSQUE DE LAS MARAVILLAS (Verónica González Duarte – B2.2A)

I have chosen this mural, The Forest of Wonders, because it seems to represent the happiness of living in Estepona. This mural, located in the upper part of Terraza Street, was painted by Zosen and Mina Hamada.

Both artists achieve the perfect balance between a graffiti and an illustration, creating a perfect piece of street art. For this reason, they were awarded the first prize in the Estepona International Mural Contest in 2017. It is a work full of colour and abstract symbolism, in which you can see flowers, sea waves, and even a girl wearing a flamenco dress. This was the artists’ way of expressing their view of Andalucía, its customs and traditions.

To sum up, I believe that it is one of the most beautiful and creative murals of Estepona. It evokes dynamism, images of the beach and good life vibes, so going for a walk to visit it is one of the things I love doing most in this lovely town.