ESPÍRITU DE EQUIPO de Fco.Alarcón. C/Cristóbal Ruiz Méndez (Pabellón Ramos-Cazorla).

Espíritu de Equipo (‘Team Spirit’)


This mural, titled ‘Team Spirit’, is located on the facade of the Pineda sports hall on Cristóbal Ruiz Méndez Street, where the fire station used to be. It was painted by Francisco Alarcón in 2018, and it is 9 meters high and has an area of 103 square meters.

As we can see, it is a very colourful painting that shows a girls’ basketball team. It is a mural which transmits joy to me. Not only because of the bright colours, but also because my niece appears in the middle of the mural. She and her time were champions of Andalusia and this mural was made after they had won the tournament.

We can see that all the players are smiling and most of them are making the symbol of strength with their arms. This mural reminds me that with effort and perseverance we can achieve our dreams.

Espíritu de Equipo (‘TeamSpirit’)


In this mural, I can see a basketball team. They are teenage girls. I think they are fifteen or sixteen years old, but I’m not sure. They are wearing colourful sportswear, sneakers and almost all of them have a ponytail.

They look very happy because they are smiling. I think that they’ve just won a championship, because in the middle of the mural I can see that they are holding a trophy in their hands and they are wearing a medal around their neck.

I like this mural because I believe that the girls are having a good time. Also, I like it because it shows that doing sports is very important for our health.

Espíritu de Equipo (‘TeamSpirit’)


In this mural, titled ‘Team Spirit’, the author, Francisco Alarcón, has represented teamwork. The mural was created in 2018 and it is located in Cristóbal Ruiz Méndez Street. In this picture, we can see a group of girls who play basketball in Estepona. These girls were the champions of Málaga and Andalucía.

It’s a big picture with different images. On a big wall, we can see the full team. The girls are very young and they’re wearing a basketball uniform. They are very happy. The mural is colourful. Also, there is another wall with other scenes. On the left, we can see three girls who are doing a famous gesture that reminds me of Pablo Ráez’s gesture, flexing their arms. In the middle, there are two images. Some girls are showing their medals and a trophy. On the right, some girls are doing the strength gesture again. All of the scenes have different backgrounds.

I like this mural because the author has reflected the fighting spirit. I especially like it because he chose a female team, and it represents that women who fight win. Maybe it’s a feminist symbol. Sometimes women seem invisible in sport and in other spheres of public life, but this mural shows that girls have power, too!


Espíritu de Equipo (‘TeamSpirit’)


This is one of my favourite murals in Estepona. It is called ‘Team Spirit’ and you can see it on the wall of the Pineda municipal pavilion, in Cristóbal Ruiz Méndez Street. It is about a real girls’ basketball team. They were twelve years old and they won the Andalusian championship in 2018. They competed against very strong teams. The club, the coaches, the girls and their families worked as a team.

The painter, Francisco Alarcón knew how to capture the joy that the girls had at that moment. He used very bright and cheerful colours. It was very difficult to capture the expressions and gestures of each of the girls in the mural, but he managed to do it. I know all the girls who appear in the mural. In fact, one of the girls in the centre is my daughter and I can say that the painter did a great job.

I love this mural because it reflects the girls’ joy after having achieved their dream. It was an unforgettable experience. I have very good friends thanks to this team.

Espíritu de Equipo (‘TeamSpirit’)


The name of this artistic work is ‘Espíritu de Equipo’ (Team Spirit), and we can see this mural in Cristóbal Ruiz Méndez Street, in Estepona. In this painting, we can see several young women, united and empowered.

They are wearing sportswear. I think that they are in a sport competition and they are part of the same team, because they are wearing the same blue and green basketball kit. From what I can see, their team has been victorious in this championship because they are holding a trophy and wearing medals. They are feeling very happy, so I think that this competition is very important for them. The artist wants to show that unity makes strength.

I love this mural because it represents and supports feminism and makes it clear that sport has no gender.