¡ESTEPONA BERMEJA! de Ana Cecilia Salinas

¡ESTEPONA BERMEJA! de Ana Cecilia Salinas. C/Formentera (Bda. Los Televisores).

¡ESTEPONA BERMEJA! (Alberto Rojas Zarza y Juan Antonio Vargas Galiano – B2.1)

This mural is named ESTEPONA BERMEJA! and it was painted by Peruvian artist Ana-Cecilia Salinas. It was painted in 2013 and it is 30 m high. You can find this mural on Formentera Street at Televisores quarter.

In the foreground, there is a stair that leads into a platform that has the same red colour. This platform has two floors, the first one has no walls and four columns that hold the second floor where we can see a typical Andalusí building with its Andalusian balcony. There are two black horse pieces from the chess on the gate of the second floor due to the fact that there is a very close square called “Plaza del Ajedrez”.

In the background, the author expressed the wild landscape of Estepona where Sierra Bermeja and Mar de Alborán are connected. The painter uses vibrant colours such as green to reflect the vegetation, red to represent the mountains and the same blue tone to connect the sky and the sea.