FREAKS de Rebelzer

31 – FREAKS de Rebelzer. C/Granada, 16.

FREAKS (Amani Aldihni García – C1.1B)

This mural was painted by Rebelzer in Calle Barcelona 16, and was included in the Inaugural International Mural Competition of Estepona – 2017. Rebelzer states that, “to be an artist signifies the pleasure to draw my own things, such as my monsters”.

I chose this mural because it gives a cartoonish and clean look. The are solid colors in which you can distinguish white, and black, as well as, red and brown to give it a pop of color.

The main object in the mural is a sailor, painted in white giving contrast to the red background. He also has tattoos and he seems to be pointing at something under them, as if they were looking at a person passing by.

The other man standing behind him is holding a fish and pointing at it as if to show us they caught it.

Other details are the black water behind them, with a black watchtower in the back and the wooden brown visible wood plank from the boat they are traveling in. As the final touch, the frase “¡Que viva Estepona!” Is written on the top left corner with a graffiti style writing.

This mural made me personally think of pollution in oceans. Whether it be because of the black color used for the ocean seeming as oil, the black watchtower that looks like a skyscraper and the man pointing at the dead fish, it gives me a feeling of warning. To be aware of what’s happening and raise awareness of the problem at hand.

Whether this was the artist’s true intention or not, it’s still a cool painting, with cartoon vibes all over it and I’d love to see more of the artist’s style.