JUMP INTO BLUE de CAZL. Pasaje Poetas Andaluces.

JUMP INTO THE BLUE” (Miguel Angel Corrales Valadez & Luz Marina Franco Riveros – A2)

We have done a little research about the mural, we’ve discovered that “Jump into the blue” is a natural in Pasaje Poetas Andaluces by artist Ann Caz L., the German artist painted a refreshing natural where some boys are representing the sequence of a jump from a trampoline on a sunny day and one of them seems to be holding the trampoline, we could also appreciate that they are very happy bathing on the beach.

There are some colors that can be observed such as white, green, light blue, purple and a lot of blue. These colors have given us the feeling of freshness and energy like youth. The painting reminded us of the great Andalusian summer and that we must take care of our natural environment to continue enjoying it.

As the mural is outdoors, it is a bit damaged and covered by trees, without a commemorative plaque to remind you of Who, When and Why it was painted . We hope they will retouch it soon.

Jump in the Blue (Mercedes Tovar Sevilla, Lidia Gentil Quintero & Andrea Johanna Alvear – A2)

We have chosen a mural entitled “Jump into the Blue”, which is located in the street Pasaje Poetas Andaluces, and it was painted by the artist Ann Caz L. In the picture, we can see in the picture the Trampoline jump. It is an olympic activity where the man is doing a sequence of jumps.

Firstly, the athlete walks to the end of the trampoline and then he pushes himself and jumps. Secondly, he opens his arms and flips over to put his body straight. Finally, he splashes into the water. The picture provides a delightful refreshing sensation, because the artist predominantly uses the blue color, that is the color of the water, of the sky, of the sea and of the swimming pool. This mural was included in the “Inaugural International Mural Competition of Estepona-2017”.


This painting is one of the murals that takes part of the murals´s route in Estepona. It was inaugurated in 2012. This route is a kind of outdoor museum with marvelous paintings like this one, we can enjoy for free over the streets and neighborhoods in Estepona. This mural was included in the “inaugural international mural competition of Estepona 2017”. It was painted by a German artist called Ann Caz.L.

To me this mural shows the evolution of a boy jumping from a trampoline, with different stages, in my opinion is like the evolution of life, of the boy, growing up, learning the ropes, jumping from a trampoline and being perfect in his jump. We can appreciate it in the big human figure upside down getting into the water. The waves from the sea at the bottom are maybe referring to Estepona and merging with the swimming pool where the trampoline is. It reminds me of a summer day. The blue of the sea is mixed with the blue of the sky and becomes one, the same blue colour, there is a connection between both.


This work was made by the German artist Anne Marthe Mews, who was born in 1977 and started in art in 1995, this mural participated in the “ Inaugural International Mural Competition of Estepona 2017”. We can visit it and see it on a building located in Pasaje Poetas Andaluces street.

In the mural we can see the figure of a person wearing a purple swimsuit repeated in different movements of a trampoline jump, from when he jumps until he finally ends up dipping into the water. Blue tones predominate in this highly realistic work.

Jump Into Blue (Vanessa Ramírez Rojas – A2)

Jump Into Blue is a mural which is found at Pasaje Poetas Andaluces by Ann Caz L., a German artist who paints a refreshing mural where different boys are showing the sequence of a jump from a trampoline. This mural was included in the «Inaugural International Mural Competition of Estepona – 2017.

From my point of view, it is a painting which is characterized by a big realism in which the bright blue color predominates, contrasting with the brown color of the child’s skin.

I have to say that it is one of my favourite pictures of the murals route because of its bright blue color which fills of light the place where the mural is represented.


Jump into blue is a magnificent mural painted by CAZ L, the German artist (Anne Marthe Mews). It is located in the Andalusian Poets Passage or Garden of the Andalusian Poets. It is a pedestrian street, in the old town, that connects Calle Terraza and Calle Huerto with Calle Jesús Cautivo. In this place, we can also see a forest of sculptures of Andalusian Poets, made in bronze.

The mural represents a male figure, at various times during the performance of a jump, from the trampoline into the water. The predominant color is blue. The blue of the sky and the water. Water means life. According to the theory of evolution, life began in water. Blue is the color of serenity, calm, confidence, stability … In the mural we can contemplate a person immersing himself in water (life) with determination and elegance. All of his movements are sequenced. First, concentration and decision making, at the top of the springboard. Followed by the moment of initiating the act itself. Next, there’s an acrobacy in the air, indicating consent and self-confidence. To then fall into the void and submerge in the water without practically splashing (without disturbing anyone). An allegory of how we should immerse ourselves in life and enjoy it. This mural participated in the International Mural Competition of Estepona – 2017.

JUMP INTO BLUE (María de los Ángeles Aguilar Segura – C1.1B)

The mural represents the way in which a young man jumps from a trampoline to what it can be considered as a pool. Different blue tones recreate and give a vivid description of the essence of water, in contraposition with the warm colors used to shape the figure of the guy. It makes the impression of an idealized union between the man and the water.