KEEP ON TRACKING de Juan Abia Presa “Nano4814”

25 – KEEP ON TRACKING de Juan Abia Presa “Nano4814”. C/Mantilla (Bda. Mar y Sierra).

Keep on tracking (Manuel Redondo Rojas – B2.2A)

Visiting the murals of Estepona is one of the best ways to admire street art. All of them perfectly mix all kinds of painting techniques with street art.

One of these pieces is “Keep on Tracking” by Juan Abia Presa. This big graffiti is painted on the facade of an eight-storey building. By mixing abstraction with figurative art, the artist illustrates a creature that has flexible legs. The colours of the mural perfectly remind us of the graffiti culture of the 80’s and 90’s, creating a figure with big colourful eyes that capture your attention, and a big ‘runny’ nose, with a rainbow of colours.

On the lower part of the mural, we find the creature’s legs and shoes, which have an anarchic structure with three main colours: blue, pink and orange.

You cannot tell if it’s going to walk or not, and maybe that’s the magic of this piece, its capacity of giving you the chance to imagine which way the creature will take.