LA CAÍDA de Vyacheslav Gunin «Sav45»

LA CAÍDA de Vyacheslav Gunin «Sav45» barriada Isabel Simón.


Located in Isabel Simón, a working-class neighbourhood in the city centre of Estepona, ‘The Fall’ («La Caída» in Spanish) is not just a painting, but a collection of emotions, an oasis of calm and inspiration in the middle of a concrete jungle jammed with uncaring cars and annoying noise.

‘The Fall’ has been created by the Russian graffiti artist Vyacheslav Gunin, better known as SAV45, who won the Second International Mural Contest celebrated in Estepona thanks to this artwork. The judges took into account ‘the social question of this mural, which represents in a mystic way a woman who longs for nature’.

SAV45, whose art is a mixture of different techniques and ideas, has painted murals around the world, most of them in Barcelona (Spain), where he lives, but also in Houston (Texas, US), Berlin (Germany) or Aveiro (Portugal). If you can’t visit them, don’t worry, you can enjoy these pieces of art on his Instagram (


 Can you feel it, like I do,
 the smell of the blue sea,
 the breeze of the pinkish fall wind
 and the sound of the robins singing?
 Can you feel it, like I do,
 the leaves falling to let flowers grow,
 the fall dying to let spring come forth,
 in this ever changing cycle that is life?
 Can you feel it, like I do,
 the cold blues and the hot pinks
 that surround everything
 at this time of the year?
 Can you feel it, like I do,
 her desire to have wings
 to fly and be free?
 Can you feel it, like I do,
 her boundaries falling away
 to breathe new life into her?
 Could you let it, like she does,
 everything fall into place
 in this place called life
 where no fall is the end?