LA PODA DE LA BUGANVILLA de José Fernández Ríos

9 – LA PODA DE LA BUGANVILLA de José Fernández Ríos. Avda. San Lorenzo (Colegio Víctor de la Serna).

LA PODA DE LA BUGANVILLA (Susana Sánchez González, B1 Semipresencial)

The mural was painted by Jose Fernández Ríos. It was inaugurated in April 2015 in Víctor de la Serna School on Av. San Lorenzo. There is a gardener who is on the ladder and appears as if he is really looking after the plants. On the left, at the top and on the right, there are bougainvilleas. Personally, I think the painting is extraordinary because you can even see the gardener´s own shadow. It captures you and makes you feel as if he was really there.

LA PODA DE LA BUGANVILLA (Mª Jesús Díaz Díaz, B1 Semipresencial)

This mural “The Pruning of the Bougainvillea “by José Fernandez Rios, illustrates a man pruning a plant. The plant is a bougainvillea.

The mural is painted on two sides of a building. In the centre, there is a main motif, it is a big bougainvillea. On the right, there is a man pruning the plant. The man is on a ladder and he’s wearing a gardener’s uniform. Behind the man, there is another small bougainvillea. On the other wall of the building, on the left, there is a small bougainvillea too.

This mural is colourful and realistic. I feel happy when I see the painting, because I remember spring.

LA PODA DE LA BUGANVILLA (Paqui Villegas Lérida, B1 Semipresencial)

«La poda de la Buganvilla» is the work of José Fernández Ríos and he completed it in two weeks. This mural is on Avenida San Lorenzo (Víctor de la Serna School), and it was inaugurated in 2015.

The mural occupies some of the walls of the building. At the top is the most attractive part of this plant so characteristic of this area, with soft and delicate colours, the pink colour of the flowers and green of the leaves. There are some plants: the biggest is in the top left-hand corner and turns around occupying the right side of the building. In the background, there are the branches emerging from the ground. In the middle, a gardener is on a ladder pruning the bougainvillea.

In my opinion, it’s a lifelike painting, where the gardener looks totally real.

LA PODA DE LA BUGANVILLA (José Salas Sánchez, B2.2. Semipresencial)

This mural, in San Lorenzo Avenue, occupies four facades of the “Victor de la Serna” school, and it is the fourth work in Estepona by José Fernandez Rios. It was finished in April 2015.

It is one of the biggest murals in Spain. It shows a gardener, at the top of a ladder, pruning a big bougainvillea tree.

The style is so realistic that it looks as if the gardener were a real person. The first time I saw it, I was surprised and moved by this design, which gives life and colours to the space around.