MOMENTO PASAJERO de Ángel Caballero Rioja.

MOMENTO PASAJERO de Ángel Caballero Rioja. C/ Melilla, (Edf. Royber).

Momento Pasajero

Teresa Jiménez B2.1

“Passing Moment” by Angel Caballero Riojaa.k.a Xolaka was created in March 2020. He was born in 1982 in the village of L’ Alcúdia de Crespins. When he turned 18, he moved to Valencia to study Fine Arts in San Carlos School at the Polytechnic University in Valencia. He graduated in 2007.

This mural, which has been painted in black and white, shows the faces of two girls, At first impression they seem different but if we look at them, they have the same lips, eyes and expression. The only difference is that the girl below has her eyes closed and she looks older. The painter uses this mural to recreate the passage of time and how important it is in our lives, that in just an instant “which would be the blink of the girl’s eyes» everything can happen, such as her youth. We could summarize all this in 3 words as Xolaka says:”Time, ephemeral, instant”.

Furthermore, at the bottom he uses 3 colors: purple (sensitivity, delicacy and spirituality), green (positive, calm and life expectancy) and in the right part of the corner, dark blue which represents feelings. At the bottom, in the middle, you can see a big flower and another figure of life.

To sum up, we live life as if it were a story and we must enjoy every moment.That’s why you should live your life as if each day were the last one.


Cristina Mellado B2.1B

The artist ,Angel Caballero Rioja, was born in 1982 and was selected to paint a mural in Estepona.

This picture shows the face of two women, and is painted in black and white colours and blue and green.

In the background there is a girl with her open eyes looking to her right. Below is another girl with her eyes closed and it looks as if she were feeling the moment.

At the bottom there is a flower.

The principal elements in the picture, such as the girls and the flower, are in black and white, and in the other hand the artist has to give a bit of colour with some stripes.

The two girls seem as if they have blonde, long hair and also, they seem like young girls.

In my opinion, the atmosphere of the picture is relaxing.


Maysa Pérez B2.1 A

«Momento pasajero» is mural number 56 on the route of the murals in Estepona. It is located on Melilla street,at the Royber building. 

It was painted by Ángel Caballero Rioja, born in 1982 in the town of L’ Alcudía de Crespins, under the pseudonym Xolaka, being a finalist in the II International Contest of Artistic Murals in 2020.

According to the mural’s author, it represents  the passage of time that does not stop. 

He describes it as a realistic portrait, a passing or ephemeral moment. 

We can see that it is painted almost entirely in black and white. 

From my point of view the two women represent the volatility of time. 

The one above, perhaps in her early twenties, lives life without much concern, which is why she is seen with her eyes open looking at the day- to- day life. 

On the other hand, the one below, although she is still young, sees that time passes and keeps her eyes closed to remember the past while also thinking that the future is near and time has diminished. 

The flower ,as well, demonstrates the cycle of  time.We know that at the beginning it is a bud,and here it represents her as flowered and beautiful but at the same time she is already losing her first petals.Therefore ,time passes and it will no longer be what it was.

Also the lines and coloured leaf can show everything in relation to one another. 

The blue leaf could represent the passage of time without being aware of it. 

The green line could represent youth and the road to travel until it reaches the purple line, which would be the short road left to travel. 

I have to state that the girls resemble two celebrities to me; Scarlett Johansson and Alice Campello.

If you are interested in seeing more work or news from the artista, you can find him on Instagram as @xolaka, whose number of followers is 13.1 thousand. 

Momento pasajero

Rocio Reguera B2.1A

This mural was painted by Angel Caballero, nicknamed as Xolaka, who was born in Valencia in 1982.

We can find the mural on Melilla Street, and when you arrive you can see two faces of two girls with a bouquet  in front of them.

One of them, who is at the bottom of the mural, has open eyes,and  is looking to her right at something that seems to call her attention.

The other girl has closed eyes, it is as if she is enjoying  the breeze.

The mural is done in black and white except for the thick lines, which are painted in blue, green and purple.


Teresa Atienza B2.1 A

This mural called “Passing Moment”, was painted by the artist Angel Caballero and is located on the building ”Royber” in Melilla Street.

This picture shows the image of a young woman twice in two different situations.

In the image above we can see how the woman is staring at something or possibly lost in her own thoughts.

However,in the image below we can see the same woman with her eyes closed.

At the bottom, there is a bunch of some kinds of flowers,and behind them we can see the only colourful part of the image.

Front my point of view, this picture seems to want to reflect the volatility of time, and represents our lifestyle where life is so busy and we often forget to stop and really enjoy the little moments.

This painting also describes something that happens really fast, Everything is ephemeral, fugitive or momentary.

It seems as if the artist wants to show us that we should live life to our full potential and make our dreams come trueand and to live your life for the future, not for the past.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the painter wants to tell us that life happens in the blink of an eye, so let´s not forget to enjoy it.Open your eyes and enjoy this wonderful mural.