NUTRIR de Samantha Jordaan

NOURISH de Samantha Jordaan. C/ Terraza – Conjunto Andalucía, 3.

Nourish (Desirée Sánchez- 4º B)

The artist of the mural is a South African called Samantha Jordaan. She loves being an artist and creating with passion. You can find her on Instagram like samanthajordaan.

Through its colours, lights, and patterns this mural expresses peace, tranquillity, and life.

The clarity of the blue sky and the white of the clouds convey the purity and innocence of the environment that surrounds us.

On the other hand, the image shows the union of the human being and nature to tell us that we are not only the sustenance but also the means by which everything grows and flows. In other words, if we take care of the environment, it will provide us with what is necessary to continue living as free people.

As you can see, there is more life in the scene shown with birds opening their wings on the branches. That movement of wings, which is static in the image, expresses that they also depend on the strength of the rooted base.

Therefore, the mural mixes the simplicity of the little things in nature, the fluttering of a bird or the blossoming of the leaves of the trees, with the depth that life itself has.

Now think about what you have just read, does it transmit the same to you?


This mural represents a woman in a yoga posture called crow pose or Bakasana. Her arms are the trunk of a tree which takes root in the ground, which in turn, floats in the air. Also, bushes grow naturally from her back, and behind all this there are some clouds in a radiant blue sky, and a hummingbird’s flying. I like to think that this painting shows that the human race, by its power of destruction and consciousness, must be responsible for organizing the life of all beings in the world.