PARAÍSO GOLF de Manuel León

22 – PARAÍSO GOLF de Manuel León. C/Terraza, 168.

PARAÍSO GOLF (Almudena Núñez Mantas & Estefanía Pérez Aragón – B2.2B)

Paraíso Golf (Golf Paradise) was painted by the young artist Manuel León. It is located in Calle Terraza, 168. This mural was included in the Inaugural International Mural Competition of Estepona in 2017.

Manuel is an artist who prefers to work in large formats. He is always in constant search for the balance between abstraction and figuration. The painting shows a golf course full of palm trees. From our point of view, what strikes us most is the two dogs’ heads floating in the centre of the mural.

As you can see, this work is painted in pastel colours, in a range of greens and browns, standing out the red of the little flag.

From our humble opinion, this mural is one of the most spectacular murals you can find in our town, Estepona. If outdoor art is your cup of tea, you should not miss any of them!

Paraíso Golf (Raquel Rocío González González – B2.2A)

This image represents the balance between abstraction and realism. We see a golf course which is full of palm trees, and with two dogs’ heads floating in the air. In the foreground, there is a pole with a flag which symbolizes a golf course. Perhaps this picture represents someone’s hobbies; his/her love for dogs and golf.

The predominant colour is green, in different tones, together with its complementary colour, red. The colour of the dogs’ heads is reflected in both the tree trunk on the left and the sandy colour of the background, which could symbolise a golf bunker.

As we look from the left to the right of the mural, the colour spectrum changes from warm, soft and pale to cool, hard and contrasty. This gives a special dynamic feeling to the mural. Also interesting is the fact that the dog on the left seems to be looking at us, while we look at it!

On the whole, this is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the most interesting murals you can find in the route. I strongly recommend visiting the murals of Estepona if you enjoy street art. You won’t regret it!