PASEN Y VEAN de Elena Aguilera

PASEN Y VEAN de Elena Aguilera. C/Goya (Bda. El Cid).


This Mural was created in february 2013 by Elena Aguilera with the collaboration of Manuel Aguilera and Alejandro Garcia.

This Mural represents the circus world, we can see four trapeze artists into wonderful espectacle, where children and older people enjoy with great intensity seeing the trapeze artists flying from place to place.

It’s a mural of soft colors, it shows the calm and concentration that trapeze artists should have and it is capable of taking us to the real show.

PASEN Y VEAN (Pinatti Gisela – A2)

«Come and see», we found it on Goya street. It was created in 2013 by artists Elena Aguilera from the city of Estepona, Alejandro Garcia born in Elda (Alicante) and Manuel Aguilera, also from the province of Alicante.

It is designed with the application of oil paint and later with acrylic, which are characteristic techniques of today’s murals, combined with other materials and bases with which the wall is previously treated.

The mural reflects the world of circus, dance, joy and passion.

On the left we see a dancer suspended in the air, performing acrobatic dance, an activity that requires physical strength and flexibility combining aesthetics and mental preparation.

In the upper part, we observe another dancer as she is carried away by the passion of making aerial hoops. This artistic and sporting discipline is the combination of dance, theatre, gymnastics and acrobatics.

To our right, we find a dancer jumping from an overhead hammock and at the top we see another acrobat, perched in the overhead hammock and performing delicate movements with ribbons. Both of them show the enormous courage required for this discipline.

PASEN Y VEAN ( Mari Angeles Torres Rubio & Mila Amado Muñoz – A2)

Come on and see. It’s an invitación to imagine the beautiful word of the circus. Its aventures, its stunts and everything that it entails.The author, Elena Aguirre,together with Alejandro García and the co-direction of her father Joaquín Aguilera (a sculptor and a painter) wanted to delve deeper into the hard world of women in the circus.

On the right side of the mural, they want to show the innocence of childhood, the tenacity, the effort they have to make until they get on stage to show us all their art and grace.

On the left side, the woman is already seen in all her splendor, avoiding obstacles on the trapezes with great elegance.

They are very feminine women who have a lot of confidence in themselves. It is an enriching mural where the author has highlighted the trajectory of circus women.

PASEN Y VEAN (Rafael Del Castillo Albadalejo – A2)

This mural named “Come and see”is located painted on Goya Street in Estepona (Malaga).

It is one of the many that are exposed in the city. The name of the artist who created this mural is Elena Aguilera together with the painters Alejandro Garcia and Manuel Aguilera.

Its theme is the circus and childhood. We can see circus professionals who are performing their skills as trapeze artists under a tent set up for this show. It is surprising that with the few colors they have used and applying their painting techniques they manage to express their intention to convey the chosen theme.