PÓRTICOS DEL CIELO de José Fernández Ríos

PÓRTICOS DEL CIELO de José Fernández Ríos. Avda. Andalucía, 3.


The mural that we describe is called “The portico of heaven”, is a work by José Fernández Rios. It is located in Avenida Andalucía. It covers the gap between the building on which the painting is done and the headquarters of the Cenit dental clinic. It is very realistic and shows a forest with trees of at least three species. There are also some bushes that become entangled in the structure of the building. It is a bright day, with a bright blue sky. A spring´s day.

As a curiosity, the crown of one of the trees covers the smoke outlet or chimney of the building on which the mural is painted. When you go up the Avenida Andalucia, it is difficult to realize that it is a mural. It seems that above the Cenyt building there is a garden or a lush forest on a warm spring day in Estepona.