QUIJOTE DEL S.XXI de Curro Leyton

1 – QUIJOTE DEL S.XXI de Curro Leyton. C/Eslovaquia (IES Puerta del Mar).

QUIJOTE DEL S.XXI de Curro Leyton. (Manuel Camisuli Delgado y Raúl Mateos Gil – B.2.1 Semi)

We can find the biggest Quijote of the world located in Estepona. A 16- meter-Don Quixote represented by our local artist Curro Leyton. This incredible mural measures 264 square meters and it commemorates the 400th anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes’ death. It was made In collaboration with some of the students of the school where the mural is located. The artist represents a Picassian version of Don Quixote making also an allegory of the painting “The Hidalgo’s Metamorphosis” by Dalí with a big influence of the colours of Andy Warhol.

“Don Quixote of La Mancha” is a Spanish symbol that represents equality, loyalty, the utopy of building a world of justice and freedom, and they are all represented in this mural. Its author probably wanted to express the struggle that still continues in the 21st century for a more just and equal world. Besides, he might also want to show the irracional conflict that humanity maintains against the immoral, materialistic and self-destructive ​​values of current society.

“21st Century Don Quijote” (Cristina Gimeno Cosquiere B1-C)

The mural is 264 square meters and 16 meters high, according to its artist, CURRO LEYTON, it is the largest in the world. The painting is framed within figurative surrealism. With this work, Leyton reflects the particular vision he has of Don Quixote and transfers the figure of this famous hidalgo to the 21st century, updating the vision of the most universal character in Spanish literature. The Work was painted as a tribute to the character of Cervantes on the 400th anniversary of his death.

In my opinion this work is very representative because

«Don Quixote» has an extraordinary richness that is appreciated differently when you are young or when you are older. In youth, you keep the anecdotes; in maturity, you enjoy thoughts, conversations, and reflections on literature, of which the book is full.

“21st Century Don Quijote”( Cristina Marchal Párraga B1-C)

This mural was painted in 2015 by the Spanish artista Curro Leyton. He is a honorary member of St. John’s University and represented Spain at the Spanish Parade in New York with his work.

The artist wanted to honour Don Quijote on the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes. This mural measures 264 square metres and 16 metres high. The main aim of the artist was to represent Don Qujote in the XXI century and modernize the visión of the character. This is its biggest representation in the world.

In my opinión, seeing a lot of art in the streets makes Estepona very attractive. I recommend visiting the mural because it is very colourful and interenting.

“21st Century Don Quijote” (Palma Sánchez Ruiz B1-C)

The mural was painted by the Malaga painter Curro Leyton. He started painting as a hobby, but it was in 2003 when he became obsessed with painting. In 2016, He represented Spain on Fifth Avenue in New York with his collection “Quijote in the XXI Century”.

This mural is a tribute to Cervantes on the 400th anniversary of his death. It is 264 m2 and 16 meters high. This mural tries to update Cervantes’ image to the 21st century.

To my mind, this painting represents an important part of the history of literature in Spain as Cervantes is one of the most important writers in Spain. Its localitation is fantastic because it was on the wall of a High School.