SIGLO XXI de Néstor Prada

7 – SIGLO XXI de Néstor Prada. Plaza ABC.



This mural is called “Siglo XXI”, it is located in ABC Square, in the historic centre of Estepona. It was created by the artist NéstorPadraGarcía in June 2013.

It is a colourful mural made of different paintings, as if it were a collage, which represents the most typical places in Estepona.

At the bottom of the mural we see the beach with its fishermen, the boats in the sea and some people on the sand. As well, the emblematic bell tower of the church “Los Remedios” and a representation of the rich gastronomy.

In the centre of this, the words ART, CULTURE and ESTEPONA are written due to its music, sculpture, art of fishing and the traditional cultural centre “Padre Manuel”.

On the right it is shown  the contrast between the coastline and the mountain “Sierra Bermeja”, located behind the town.

I have chosen this mural because it is a great representation of Estepona and it reminds me of my hometown. I feel lucky to live in a place full of things I love in a place where is full of the things what I like the most such as the sun shining daily, the mountain, the sea, the gastronomy, the art…everything is close to my house.



This mural is named Estepona 21st century. It was created by Nestor Prada García and it was inagurated in 2013. You can find this mural in San Roque Street where the old bus station used to be placed.

It is very colourful mural where natural colours as orange, green and blue predominate and it is divided in squares and rectangles.

On the top left hand corner we see a rectangle with a Spanish guitar, a painter´s palette and a brush, and a bust of a young man and the word “ARTE” is written.

Under this rectangle we see another rectangle with the building house of culture Padre Manuel, a sun and a book and under them the word “CULTURE”.

On the bottom left hand corner in a upright rectangle it is showed a scene on the beach. In the foreground we see a circle that seems to be a beach umbrella, people sitting on the sand, a fisher man, a child running and other people seeing the blue sea and some boats.

Opposite that, in the centre, we see the tower of Los Remedios church and other typical buildings of the square of flowers.

On the bottom right hand corner there is a square with a fruit platter, a clay pitcher, a column and the number 2013 on it.

Over that, there is another square with a landscape of Estepona, with the sea, the buildings and the mountain Sierra Bermeja.

On the top right hand corner, there is aother square with a fish, an anchor and we can see in capital letters the name of our town ESTEPONA.

According to the artist, it is a constructivist inspired mural depicting places in Estepona such as Los Remedios church, Sierra Bermeja and the sea. And it is the reason why I have chosen describing this mural, because it shows the essential of my town.