SIN NOMBRE de Alejandro Gambín Vicente

SIN NOMBRE de Alejandro Gambín Vicente. C/ Santo Domingo de Guzmán, n.º 7.


Margarita Santos B2 1A

The painting shows the typical black and white image of the afternoon snack  scene in an Andalusian house, set in the 1950´s.

The mural shows the corner of a square table with a tablecloth with lace on the edges and on the tablecloth, 3 sets of coffee cups and saucers, a napkin and two dessert plates.
Around the table we can see three wooden chairs, two on the right side and one facing the front. Out of the two chairs, the first one is free but the second and the one opposite are occupied by two children who are about 8 years old. 

The boy on the chair to the right is looking sideways at the camera and with left hand on the table.The other child in front is staring at the cup , and both have a coffee cup and saucer set in front of them on the table.

In the background, you can see a door and an Andalusian tiled wall.

In my opinion, there is a sad atmosphere due to  the faces of the children. I can tell that the children are waiting for the table to be set so that they can start enjoying their snack.



This untitled mural was painted on a building in Santo Domingo de Guzmán Street by artist Alejandro Gambin Vicente in July 2020. The artist, Alejandro, was born in Callosa de Segura (Alicante) on April 25, 1996. He graduated in Fine Arts and has a Master’s degree in Artistic Production.

This work was one of the ten finalists in the ‘II ConcursoInternacional de Murales de Estepona’ (II International Estepona Mural Competition).

The mural shows two little boys who are eating at the bottom. One of them is looking at the viewers, and the other is looking down. On the table  are three cups and some dishes with confectionery. On the right side you can see Andalusian tiles on the walls. This reminds us of the typical images when our grandparents were children and had a snack. The atmosphere is relaxing.

It is a huge mural that covers the entire side wall of the building. It is located in a humble fishermen’s neighbourhood, inspired by a photo from the Estepona archive, where you see two children having a snack painted in black and white, and one of them turns his head and looks at the viewer.

Alejandro Gambín’s production revolves around social and cultural issues. And this mural wants to represent childhood.

Mural nº 55


This murals is located at 7 Santo Domingo de Guzman street, Estepona (Malaga).

It was painted by Alejandro Gambin Vicente in 2020. The mural hasn’t a title as the author says that it doesn’t need it because it speaks for itself.

Alejandro is a fine arts graduate artist from Alicante (Valencia). He painted this murals in homage to childhood and the idea came from a photo from the Estepona archive.

In it we can see two children having breakfast, one of them looks at the viewer surprised, as if it were an unexpected visit.Both boys are sitting around a table with a white tablecloth.They have two cups and there is some food in the middle.

The picture is in black and White.The boys hairstyles, the antique furniture and the wall designs seem to place us in the typical Estepona breakfast of two children before going to school one morning in the sixties or seventies.

Mural  Nº55

Celestina Ramírez. B2.1A

It is a picture in black and white.You can see two children having breakfast.They are sitting around the table with a white table cloth.There are some napkins in the foreground.

In the bottom right hand corner, there is an empty dark chair and next to it, there is a child who has one hand on the table.

There is a plate with a cup of milk on the table in front of him and there are tiles on the wall behind that child .

In the bottom left hand corner, there is a plate with some pieces of cake and a plate with a cup of milk.

In the background, there is a child looking at  his cup of milk.

The children are dressed in black and white.

Description mural number 55

Guillermo Carmona Castro B 2.1

This mural was painted by Alejandro Gabín Vicente.It is located in Estepona at 7, Santo Domingo de Guzman Street. It was painted in March 2020 before the confinement.

The picture has been painted in dark and white colours. In the centre of the mural we can see a table, where there are two children who may be having  breakfast. On the left  we can see some food. In the background we can see a big door. On the right  we can see  a wall with some tiles.

To my mind, the mural reminds me of the typical images  when our grandparents were children and they sat for a snack at the table in their grandmother´s house on their wooden chairs on their white tablecloths, and with their Andalusian tiles in the walls. And also the mural represents the past because the colours  used are black and white.