SIN TÍTULO de Efrén Calderón

8 – SIN TÍTULO de Efrén Calderón. Plaza Juanito Valderrama.

Sin Titulo (Cristina Hurtado Rosales, B1 Semipresencial)

I’m going to talk about this untitled mural which is very colorful and reminds us of the summer. On the right side of the mural, we can see a pink building. It has 6 windows and at the bottom there is the main entrance to the building. Also, on the right side of the building, there are more windows. In the lower right corner there is a store. To me, it is a fruit store. Outside the store we can find the boxes of fruit and vegetables and above the store there is a blue striped awning. At the bottom of the mural, in the middle, we can see the street and a palm tree. Next to this palm tree, there is a parked car.

In the upper left corner, we can see the beach with a boy on a board. There is an umbrella and a towel on the sand. In my opinion, the parked car belongs to the boy. He has left his umbrella and his towel in the sand and he is in the water with his board waiting for his friends, the boys on the motorcycle. They are going to spend the day at the beach.

In general, it is a very colorful painting, as I said before, and very funny that reminds us of the summer that is coming. I love summer!

Sin Titulo (Patricia Mérida Ortiz, B1 Semipresencial)

This mural was painted by the artist Efrén Calderón in 2017. It is located in Juanito Valderrama Square. 

The mural is very colorful. It has very striking colors. On the left, blue colour predominates. In the right corner, it is pink, because this is the colour of the building. 

At the bottom on the left, there is a boy painting a yellow graffiti on the wall. Also, at the bottom there are two grey windows.

It’s funny to see an alien smoking in one of the windows. In another of the windows we can see a naked man painting a picture similar to the one we are looking at.  

I think that the painter is showing what life is like in a coastal town. In my opinion, this mural looks like a cartoon. It is funny and colorful. I like it.

Sin Titulo (Beli Gil Navarro, B1 Semipresencial)

Sin Título or Untitled was painted in 2017 by Efrén Calderón for a competition celebrated that year. It got the second prize. This mural is located at Juanito Valderrama place, near Las Viñas Sport Centre. It is a colourful representation of life in a neighbourhood village by the sea, which reminds us of a drawing from The Simpsons.

We can see a pink three-storey building in the middle surrounded by a road. A piece of the beach on the left, and an empty plot at the bottom left. At the beach, there is a boy surfing and a girl sunbathing. In the empty plot, there is an old uninhabited house and a young boy painting graffiti. On the road there is a car park in front of the main door of the building and a couple on a scooter carrying a surf table. In the right corner of the building there is a fruit shop. It is surprising that on the first floor there is a dog looking through the window at the cat which is walking over the wall while its owner is sleeping. On the second floor a black man whose flat is one sale is hanging his laundry. And there is an alien at the top of the building. 

This is a funny picture that shows us how all lives are connected. I like sitting in this place and looking at this mural because you always discover some new connection between the characters.