TIEMPOS DE CLARIDAD de Ana Cecilia Salinas

TIEMPOS DE CLARIDAD de Ana Cecilia Salinas. Avda. Andalucía (Bda. San Isidro).

TIEMPOS DE CLARIDAD (Ana José Ortiz Calderón, B2.2)

“Times of Clarity” by Ana Cecilia Salinas was created in May 2013. Without any doubt, this mural pays a tribute to Estepona’s typical landscape.

This colourful landscape seen from a window was created in two perspectives. However, looking at the mural from an elevated position gives a better effect. If you walk from the street you will not be able to see the window frame properly.

In the background, you can see a hill with a church in the middle. There is a river across the painting. The warm colours used by the painter create luminosity, but moreover, they convey a sense of peace and calm.