REGANDO EL JARDÍN de José Fernández Ríos

REGANDO EL JARDÍN de José Fernández Ríos. Avda. Andalucía.

Watering the garden (Daniel Góngora Góngora- 3º Semipresencial)

The image can be divided into three areas (left-hand, center, and right-hand). If we talk about the left-hand side of the painting, we can see that there is a tap and a plastic hose that leads to the right-hand side of the mural. In that area, we will observe a small girl who is watering the tree (which in this case is real). The girl has her hair up and also has grey pants, a pink patterned shirt and sandals. In the central part is the tree. This whole game of perspective is known as a «trampantojo».

Watering the garden (Sara Collado López- 3º Semipresencial)

One of my favourite murals is called “Watering the Garden”. The artist created the painting next to a real tree in the street, therefore in the distance the painting looks as if the girl is watering the real tree. The scene is simple but very realistic; it is just a girl watering a tree. It is in one of the main avenues, even when I take that avenue on a daily basis, I have never got bored to see it. Every time you can find some details that make the painting special.

Watering the garden (Soraya Cabrera Lara- 3º Semipresencial)

This painting, “Watering the garden” by José Fernández, illustrates a realistic scene of a girl watering a tree of the garden where she plays. On the right-hand side you can see the girl watering the tree with the hose. She is wearing a pink T-shirt, grey trousers and black shoes. On the left-hand side you can see the hose tap. And finally, in the middle of the painting or mural you can see the real tree.

Watering the garden (Jessica Pacheco Núñez & María Moro Blanco- 4ºB)

From our point of view, ‘Regando el Jardín’ is kind of impressive, pictorial and lifelike work which makes it into a masterpiece. This painting puts perspective into practice because from a certain distance we can see how a young girl waters a tree, but nevertheless the tree is not in the mural, it is a real tree.

It was running November of 2014 when this masterpiece was inaugurated in its actual localization on Avenida Andalucía, specifically in Barriada de las Fuerzas Armadas. The meaning behind this painting is an eye catching image in which the author pretends to symbolize his hope about the future generations taking care of the environment, nature and even The Earth.

The painting is painted in warm and deep colours which make the girl kind of a realistic impressive for the viewer. The range between pink and blue are the main colours which make a great contrast with the actual tree because it depends on the seasonal time of year, the tree changes its color, varying between bright green and deep dark brown because the leaves are about to fall.

The symmetry in this mural is kind of rare because even when it is a realistic work and the proportions are very well achieved, if the viewer stands right below it they can’t see properly the painting. As it said before, they have to be some meters away to see it perfectly and keep the perfect illusion that the girl is there and is watering the tree.

On the right side we can see the brunette young girl whose is holding the hose and looking to her left. We can also see her face relaxed meanwhile she is watering the garden.

Otherwise, on the left side of the painting we can see the tap that allows us to open or close the hose. And, finally in the middle there is a void that would be covered with the fictional tree. We feel extremely impressed by this painting because it is brilliant and we feel amazed by its realism. Definitely, it is a mural which is worth seeing if you like outdoor art.

Watering the garden (Vicky Castro Vera, Isabel María Mena, Irene Juli Daza – C1.2)

To begin with, this portrait is a painting by José Fernández Ríos who was born in Orcera, Jaen, on April 24 1964. This artist, who is also known as José Ríos, is a painter and sculptor. Most of his work can be seen outdoors in the streets, roundabouts and promenades of the city of Jaen. His hyperrealist paintings reflect the urban landscapes of Jaen and New York. His artwork is based on realism. 

The mural we have chosen, Watering The Garden, is his third work that integrates a natural element. In our minds, it is a picture which shows an everyday life scene,that of a girl watering a plant. The author has integrated the tree on the sidewalk into the mural. The realism of the painting also reaches its key point at night. The lighting of the streetlights leads us to believe that the shadow outlined by the artist really comes from the girl portrayed. 

This wall painting is an optical illusion that represents a combination of the pictorial and lifelike elements that create a monumental eye-catching image full of light and contrast. What appears to be a girl watering on a large scale is, naturalistically shaded to suggest realism and reveals the strength of the composition, which dominates the right wall of the building. On the left,there seems to be a tap from where a flexible hose comes out to connect both white wall surfaces symmetrically divided by the tree. In the centre of the mural we can see how the stream of transparent water falls as if it were spilling on the pavement.

The dominant colours are red, grey and black painted on a white background. While the reddish girl’s T-shirt clearly contrasts with the light grey lettering printed on it, its shade subtly matches with the predominant grey colour that composes this piece of art. Key elements like the hose held by the girl, the crystalline water falling from it and the shadows that make the figures appear in the foreground, are painted in the dominant grey colour. The artist grades different shades of grey to highlight figures’ volume and represent different planes to show perspective. Streaks of bright white in the girl’s hair and the water falling from the hose give the impression that they were shining due to the sunlight. 

At first glance, this colossal and stunning painting, one of the most eye-catching murals of the entire route in Estepona town, catches pedestrians’ attention. You would definitely want to take a picture of yourself under the water that comes out from the hose. It looks a tribute to life, and the artist managed to capture the girl’s awareness of the environment, symbolizing hope. As the girl is watering the orange tree, it might suggest that she has just realized the importance of caring for living things.

 It´s difficult to put into words the impression that this painting makes. This picture represents “Life”. While the little girl and water might be a metaphor for life, the hose could represent something similar. It could represent the long road that each person travels on during their lives, which shows our concept of life as a perfect balance represented by the girl, water and plants. Also standing a little further away and seen with perspective, it is clear  the child is watering an orange tree. This may symbolise the link between growth and life as well. 

This charming painting created with delicate colours brings spring-like memories and take us back to moments of happiness and lightness. Looking at the little kid, a smile appears on our faces for different reasons. Not only have we been children and played with water, but the painting also brings to our memory an old picture of our daughters, which also evokes an emotional time from their childhood.


The name of the mural is “Watering the garden”, It’s on Andalusia Avenue (Neighborhood of the Army), and the painter is José Fernández Ríos. He’s a hyperrealist painter and sculptor. He’s from Jaén, Andalusia. “Watering the garden” is the largest vertical mural in Spain. It’s the 22nd paint of Estepona and the painter finished it at the end of 2014.

This mural represents a girl watering in a garden. This painting is very genuine, size and realism, and it connects the art with the nature, because the tree is real and it isn’t a painting. You can take a picture under the hose. 

It is one of the most attractive murals that this town has, for its realism and fusion with nature, and for its location, because it is located on the main avenue of Estepona.


The shadows of the drawing are very well painted and it creates the feeling of seeing a real girl. The tree by itself is a great drawing that represents the Mediterranean climate.

This mural is a work of art!!, for its realism and size; it is a beauty. It won a prize in the international mural contest, celebrated in the city of Estepona  in 2019.

This is a rustic mural. It has a big size and nice colours. It is appropriate for a town like Estepona.

It is a different and original mural because it uses a real tree inside the wonderful drawing of the girl, who is watering it.


It is a work from the artist and sculptor , Francisco Fernandez Rios, from Jaen. It is the mural number 22 in the murals’ guide. It has more than 240 square metres. It is an original work that combines elements of the mural and real elements. It is comprised by two buildings, one is “La niña” watering a natural tree and the other one is the hose and tap from which the water comes. The mural has a message for future generations, the importance of caring for nature.

 It is fantastic the precision how the artist managed the colors and the perspectives in the picture.

 This painting is a representation of the satisfaction that a girl can feel with the care of plants, showing us that doing that can be fun.